Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Breaking into Politics: The Hydra.

Thanks to Zorgarath for inviting me to post here.

I'd like to emphasis that the following article reflects my opinion and that in no way am I trying to speak for others in Anonymous.

Anonymous has a way of doing things that many people who have had at least some interaction with groups based on the internet can instinctively pick up on. However there are still too many people who struggle to understand how Anonymous functions. It’s incorporeal nature and complete lack of any hierarchy or any ordained structure makes it utter anathema to the worlds systems and organizations that most individuals have spent their lives trapped in. Most people in Anonymous who understand our anarchic ‘system of no big overriding system’ will know that that it is a precious and rare thing that needs to be kept alive because of the equality and means to action that it grants us. It is an obscured glimpse of a better world and for most it’s an integral part of our culture and identity …and we really don’t want that to be fucked with.

So for a lot of Anons when a video comes along saying that a bunch of other Anons are going to utilize a modified version of this structure, or perhaps break from it all together, to suit a new task their first reaction is: ‘ZOMG! They’re fucking with Anonymous! This needs to be stopped! They’ll ruin and change everything!’ Now gentlemen, relax, that thesis is flawed. Anonymous is made up of branches, vectors that vie for influence over the future, heads on a hydra, if you will. If a new head grows and becomes healthy and strong, the rest aren’t necessarily going to be effected negatively, on the contrary they will have a new set of teeth which will then assist them in devouring and processing the sheep of this world.

The way I see it, the Anonymous Party is going to be an Anonymous style organization to the core. Only it will be adapted to wedge into the gaps of the Earths archaic political systems. It represents a valuable opportunity for us to inject the Anonymous way of doing things into politics. It is an opportunity work out humanities political system’s by worming our way into them, obeying only what rules we have no choice but to obey, and then fucking with it all to suit our purposes. Its not hacking but it still has the hacker mentality all over it.

Many people have said: ‘This isn’t Anonymous at all. How can you have a party without leaders?’ My answer is swift: The Internet. Our party will be open source, and reliant on humanities greatest tool to keep it that way. Our candidates, senators, MP’s, ministers and, one can only hope, premiers and un prezidentes, will not be leaders at all, merely our puppets. The actions of party official’s and the structure of the organisation will be totally transparent and watched closely by Anonymous Party members from all corners of the Earth. Our official puppets will follow the Anonymous consensus, for example they won’t vote in a direction unless Anons are voting in that direction on their websites or they might not make a speech unless the transcript has more likes than dislikes. See where I’m getting at? If our representative’s act in a way that Anon’s disagree with, everyone will ensure they are removed from their place in the party and replaced.

So you see power is still delegated evenly between Anon’s just like in the rest of Anonymous. Bribes on the voices that grant us our power would be pointless as they won’t have any effect on what actions are taken unless, somehow, the majority of anarchic puppet masters behind the minister or whatever are also bribed. These puppeteers would also remain Anonymous so whoever is dishing out these bribes wouldn’t know our names or know how to find us anyway. So the party I advocate really puts power into the hands of its supporters, it’s also offers a safe guard from corruption. It’s a way of introducing direct democracy while cutting past the crap that takes years, of having to change anything legally. As for things such as disruptive bots and that program known as Metal Gear… I’m no advanced techie but many other Anons are, meaning, as usual, it’s highly likely that the collective wisdom of the Anonymous swarm will find a way to overcome these issues.

Collective wisdom > The wisdom of a few.

So you see, people in traditionally authoritative roles are not leaders at all within this party, they’re public servants of the Anonymous collective in the truest sense in that they are servants of the publics whim. They’re our voices, tools to push our collective agenda, tools to inject our way of operating into the system and hopefully eventually change it. We will do this to demonstrate that our methods work in areas beyond what those who aren’t up to date with human progress see as an organisation that is fundamentally flawed. This is usually only due to their feeling that it’s lacking any of the respectability and credibility that’s offered to shit that’s old. We need something that operates like a growth in the mainstream to try and reach these old fashioned throwbacks who are still strapped into the charade.

You know what? Our unfixed methods have already ran many rings around more traditional organisations in all other theaters Anonymous has operated in, so why can’t we beat the throwbacks in their political field as well? Yes, they have the money to fund campaigns and use the mainstream media, but Anonymous understands the internet, it is the internet, the alternative media is largely our realm and that’s where humanity is heading. Yes, the system is on their side and so are most of the sleeper sheep, mere domesticated humans awaiting their awakening into the Anonymous pack. But Anonymous has the awake and the intelligent, those that now refuse to be brought to heel like dogs. We also have a system of our own that need not necessarily be paid for, we each play our part voluntarily, we accept our responsibility to try and shape our own future.

We deny that we need our appointed nannies to decide our future for us, we are not dribbling infants. Yes our opposition have the illusion of credibility, but the rest of Anon and Wikileaks are shattering that illusion by exposing the truth that is: They lie and suffer greatly from ineptitude. Many of our lulz come at their expense; their swipes at the mist serve only to amuse the unseen spectre. So when you look at our opponent, don’t see the unassailable monolith that they’re blasting hundreds of $billions, potentially $trillions, trying to fool you they’ve built. Instead, see a tiny minority of mostly old men and their many dogs. These old men have been fazed by progress, frightened by our future. They’re afraid of us. Wire tapping, reading our emails, infiltration, false flags, media brainwashing, their pipe dream of an ‘internet kill switch’, anti-piracy. None of this is a sign of unassailable strength; this is cotton wool they’re using to block the holes of their sinking ship. It is only a matter of time before they sink. The questions are: Will it happen in your life time? Will our people be established and in a position of relative safety when it happens?

You’re efforts will decide the answers.

We are the Hydra attacking on all fronts, including the ones our opposition think they own.

We are the future.

We do not forgive. We do not forget.

Expect us.


Scott said...

A masterful post. I couldn't have explained it any better. :)

Basilides said...


So far, of course, an Internet participatory anonymous 'system' is just theory at the scale you are talking about. Whether it can be implemented in a meaningful way (ie carried out in practice with results that the theory predicts) can only be determined by experiments that can be scaled up without contradicting the precepts of the theory. Marx produced a theory of unfettered capitalism that has proven to be essentially correct and highly predictive, but no experiments, beyond a small-scale (e.g. kibbutz), have EVER implemented that part of Marx's theory that suggests a scalable solution to MegaCorporeal Maladies that haven't rapidly lead to authoritarian/dictatorial elitism. The compromise of the 'mixed economy' (limited government control or regulation or protection of public utilities and commons while tolerating limited, regulated proprietary markets) has mixed results, to say the least.

Who will be the WE of an AnonParty approach? Another Elite with unlimited power to be inevitably abused because absolute power corrupts absolutely? Or will the transition to massive and full participation be magically an instantaneous curve of justice, before the corrupted Elite can once again fix the 'System?

Best regards,

A-Bulba said...

An incredibly well thought out and interesting post. I think there could be great potential in the system you've outlined here, but the question remains. How can we build and implement it? Where do we begin?


Anonymous said...




Good questions.

The 'we' will be anyone that signs up with an account and logs in. Potentially you and your mates and their mates mates+. Basically, its the internet, so there isn't really any elite at all, unless everyone of us on Earth is l33t.

The test you refer too will hopefully be the Anon Party itself. Each one will be a separate entity for each political system that more or less organizes its self and they will almost universally start small and scale up over time. Picture a black smudge between the reds, blues and yellows slowly getting bigger. Anonymous is also already a functioning example of something similar and its global. Hopefully any organization we set up in future will also be based on this 'net' type of thinking. Just because something hasn't been tried yet on the material plain doesn't mean its not worth a go. I can't see Anons setting up secret gulags because of this. So this isn't dangerous thinking. You cant exactly say the current test being ran by the elite is turning out all that well either. I mean, look at the place.



I don't know just yet, I'm sure we'll work on that if the rest of the Anons on here agree with this. My best guess is the party will design and build a website structure that works and then proliferate that between people who want to set up an anon party in in their democratic nations. They can then alter it to suit their constituencies and political structure.

I would like to see some sort of 'United Anonymous Nations' website set up as well so that the separate parties from each nation can also communicate and reach a consensus. Picture two nations at war and the Anons from the party in each nation telling each other they both think the war and the government in power on each side are bullshit. I think that would be a powerful way to help unite people.

This is just all discussion but like you and Master say its going to be a long process that's absolutely vital.

aiguru said...

I think you correctly described the actual nature of Anonymous movement, saying it's something different from the organized, structured, on-the-binaries system we all live in.

The big problem I see is in trying to modify the system from the inside because it means getting involved into existing and well known mechanisms and having to talk to the existing powers in their own language. And, IMHO, doing that means failing like all the other organizations that tried to change our corrupted system from the inside.

You can't come into my house thinking you can change my laws. But you can attack my system from outside (i.e. cutting food supplies) forcing me to communicate in your language.

I believe that the current action of "attacking" the system from the outside is working and should not be changed, at least not in this moment; it works simply because it's something that cannot be stopped using the "inside" laws (because it comes from outside, it's another logic, another world). I'm not saying I agree with all the actions Anon groups have carried out. I'm saying that, at this stage, it's working in getting the media and an increasing number of people involved in it.

IMO tring to define the objective "change the system" is insane. What can be done now is something else: make sure to increase people interest and awareness on the global problem and continue fighting that. Today the target is called #antisec, tomorrow it will be #anticorruption and then #stopmakingyourowninterest. What the Internet people see as real problems and what they want to change must be understood. But it's not as simple as a poll.

You say: "inject the Anonymous way of doing things into politics". Nothing of this should happen and if it does happen it could be a fail. Anonymous speaks another language, has another idea, is based on another system, it doesn't speak or understand politics and I don't think it has any intention of learning how to (and, more important, it shouldn't).

If Anonymous continues to grow and gets to count, lets say, 10 million followers (measuring Twitter for simplicity sake?) then it has sense to get into next phase and start coordinating mass actions for big results.

I think that trying to define the party objectives today is too early.

The actual system can be changed only if millions of people want to, and I'm sure you're thinking ahead of this. But there millions haven't been counted, yet, nor they have expressed themselves on what they want. After all aren't we talking about "power to the people"? Do we know what people really want? If we don't it's impossibile to define the basics of a party, then.

I don't believe in extremism but I do believe that people must choose. We must get rid of the various Bush, Blair and Mickey Mouse who move the whole world basing decisions that touch all of us and for their own interest.

(Sorry for my terrible english, hope I expressed the concepts clearly).

Anonymous said...


I understand, thanks. Your English is fine.

I waffled on quite a lot replying to your comment so I’m going to reply by actually making another blog post.