Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Ok, in regards to these past few days, I'm going to say something that would probably offend a lot of people who read it:

Any ordinary adult person who suffered as a result of these Tottenham riots, in my mind, deserves no sympathy. It is also the ordinary persons fault if any innocents such as the child minded, the mentally ill, animals or any unheard voices blowing against the hurricane that is the mainstream suffer as as a result of these riots.

How can I can I hold such a 'terrible' and 'heartless' view?

Well ordinary adult people in the UK bear just as much responsibility for these riots as the over emotional, undereducated, badly raised individuals who threw stuff at coppers and pillaged the place, as well as societies orchestrator’s who failed to rectify the conditions that created this riot.

You see neurons are to the brain as we are to civilisation.

If ordinary people actually put in the effort to ensure that every single individual in the UK had a decent education, experienced an adequate child rearing process, had access to the resources they needed to experience a fulfilling existence then these riots would never have happened, simple as that.

So applying the same way of seeing things to other situations, when your daughter dies in a fire it's because ordinary people, perhaps you included, did not strive to ensure that buildings are made from fire resistant materials. When hundreds die in an earthquake its because citizens didn't make sure to quake proof their polis. When a murderer stabs someone it is either because the general population failed to ensure adequate psychological health facilities were in place to pre-emptively isolate the individual and then rectify his/her issues or that they failed to ensure that there was no economic incentive for the crime to be committed. The same can be said of most crime. Officials in both public and private institutions are corrupt because we allow incentives to exist that reward corruption. We also, on the whole, fail to keep watch over these officials and then let these officials get away with crimes we know they're committing. When we see mass unemployment, poverty and nothing but shitty jobs, its because we did not take control over the socio-economic system and ensure that the mechanisation of labour and the economic system benefits all rather than just a few.

So stop pointing the finger, you are to blame for the worlds problems, as am I, as are all who are of sound mind and who have lived long enough to have had enough time to seek the truth. I can't speak for us all but I for one intend to act, I wish to mobilise along with the rest of the Earth's population to rectify our failures, this is why I am Anonymous, this is our potential. If humanity is collectively responsible for its own problems then it must collectively become the authority that acts to resolve them.

This at the very essence of not only what I feel the Anonymous Party is about but also the whole Anonymous Bloc. Each and every one of us is responsible for the conditions of the global civilisation we are all a part of. We must all do our part to ensure that general human well being and the rate of our civilisations progression are at the peak levels of optimality. If we don't, we will never reach these levels and the awe inspiring future we seek will most likely never arrive in our life times, if ever at all.

To my mind, Anonymous represents the dawning of the realisation that every individual on this Earth is responsible for the way things are and that the only way we will ever have things go our way is if we each take action to ensure things do so ourselves.

So when bad crack happens offer help, but no sympathy, tell individuals what they and their community could have done to avoid a bad situation and what they should be doing to avoid any future catastrophe. If, as has happened innumerable times before, they don't listen, they only have themselves to blame.

Right now the catastrophe on the horizon, is martial law, 20,000 US troops are to be stationed in the US in the event of civil unrest, there is similar talk now here in the UK. A lot of it, most of it, from indignant ordinary citizens. We must make it clear this is not what we want, the lower classes must not divide against one another, we all need to realize that it is us, humanity as a whole, against those who do not want to see power and the rewards of progress distributed evenly.

We are legion and we have only just begun.

Expect us.


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well said

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Once again, spot on.

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The Anon Party is sexy.

Fernweher said...

yes. society must stop being super competitive, and operate together rather than against each other. with capitalism and corporate oligarchy, there will always be a suffering, impoverished class, exploited and left behind by those at the top. its not the shame of laziness or only bad choices that leave people poor and jobless, its an inherent caste created by competitive capitalism, a system where it's impossible for everyone to win.