Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Getting Involved -Media Promotion Needed!

Right now our first priority is to get as much traffic to this website and to the video as possible.  If you want to help out, then you should contact major Anonymous press outlets and get them to post about this .  You should also tweet about this, or post about this on other forums.

All press inquires should be directed to

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Reverend Professor said...

I'm interested in separating the planks of the party platform. There are too many elements that are contradictory or mutually exclusive. Is this party Liberal or Libertarian? How do we keep the suspicious NWO believers and/or the Gold/Silver hard currency fanatics from destroying our credibility with the average voter?

I've see too many third parties flail uselessly at national office without doing the very necessary local heavy lifting. If the Anon Party wants to be taken seriously, I would suggest getting a few small seats first. Get a Mayor or a City Council member elected, then a few state legislators. If you set your sights on the US Congress without winning small races in the states, you're setting your self up for a big disappointment. (PS, I'm not interested in standing for office. You need people who can be canonized AND a heavy PR campaign that can play the underdog.