Monday, July 4, 2011

Our Mission

There seems to be some confusions as to what our purpose is.  I will give a short clarification.

This is a political advocacy group. Its mission is to provide anonymous with legal channels with which it can fight for its goals of internet freedom and civil rights, as these legal channels are what anonymous is most lacking at the moment. It also exists so that those who agree with anonymous's goals, but disagree with its methods, are able to get involved.


VENITISM said...

Marilizard Libel: accusing dissident bloggers of treason
Marilizard Spaghetti: throwing charges on innocent people, in case one sticks
Marilizard Tower: stack of imaginary charges to scare an innocent blogger
marilizardism: terrorizing dissident bloggers
October 18: International Day Against Cybercop Brutality
the October-18 Mafia: Government of Greece
xenoyankism: stupid politics

Anonymous said...

stop this bullshit

its full of aids

Anonymous said...

I hope dearly and truly that Anon will not see the day that it becomes the monster it seeks to slay or becomes the target. Only in movies are ideas bulletproof and never are they free from friendly fire. Good luck, boys.
Give'm hell.

Anonymous said...

working against politicians by becoming politicians? If anonymous becomes a political party, it will dismantle faster than tsunami's hittin' my childhood sand castles. NONONONONO FUCK YOU NO.